2019 Pic from every ride



:camera:: @Barronsbikes



Trail work:

Guess where?


Nine mile?


Haha, nope.


I suspect This is one of your secret build up singketracks around Bayer’s Lake vicinity.:thinking::grimacing:


That looks interesting…


Maybe the picture is too vague. Its top of whopper rock garden. @jetter and I spent some time playing in puddles there yesterday.

Need to go out with a shovel and bucket to lock rocks in with some granite grit.

(kinda stoked about it since I’ve riding through slop there for the past 5+ years, :slight_smile: )


Learned my lesson. Elbow pads are worth it. But hey when your down might as well enjoy a double chocolate cookie. Because cookie!


Ouch, man.

Looks nasty when you take off the bandage and stuff a camera in its face.


Big ole crew for a rip around Lake Loop, solid Sunday.


That’s the @TheGOAT, before the incident, I presume.


Haha that’s what we’ll say!
Beauty day out on the trails with everyone today. Thanks for having us! Be back down with a fixed bike and more endurance later this year!


I was awful grouchy about it at the time but itching to ride again! Be using elbow pads from here on out.


I would say every bruise, cut or broken bone I get at fight are like medal of valour for me. :laughing:Wear it proud. Heal well.


Found This awesome soul picking up thrash on a rainy day at the cul de sac! #mrwa


SSS bridge need some SOS!


Fight Trail never disappoints


It’s not a ride as the trails are all mud now. I walked a few trails today in Hillsborough with my saw and clippers.

Clearing Deadfall