2020 - Did you track?

Let’s see if we can have some fun with this post. :grinning:

I think we can all agree 2020 has been an interesting year to say the least. Despite everything going on and trying to keep a 4 and 7 year old entertained and safe, I managed to hit a total km record in 2020.
Between the indoor trainer, trail and road biking as well as running I managed to cover over 4900 kms this year.

I know these totals are nowhere near some of the kms covered by other ECMTB members so let’s hear how your year went.

All the best in 2021 and hope to see you on the trails.


3261km had about 200-300 not recorded. Had a great summer working for MRWA but wasn’t physically able to ride as much as I’d hoped this summer. Who’d of thought trail building would take it out of you.


I had 5,000 kms as my goal for the year, and would have hit it had I not injured myself in mid-November. I lost a solid month to that and I’m ending the year with 4,638 kms, which is greater than last year but less than each of the three prior years. However, I climbed over 57,000 m this year, which is the most I’ve ever done. I also spent way more time riding my mountain bikes this year with less time on the rollers, road, or commuting, so I consider that a win.

I also hit five drops/gaps that have been taunting me for a while, including the Death March Drop that I’ve been staring at for well over a decade and a half, so I’m pretty stoked about that. Overall, it was a very good season.



My total km is sad this year just shy of 1500km. My back won’t allow the use of a road bike and with no commuting it was all just mountain bike rides at established MTB areas with no real exploration rides. Mostly in Hillsborough. My most epic ride this year was in Crested Butte, Co in June. 21.2 km Mountain Bike Ride on June 14, 2020 by Douglas S. on Strava



First full year on a bike in 10yrs. I eneded up with 1930kms/36k meters of elevation. That was all trail riding minus 200km of road riding, zero rollers or trainers. Also my first year using Strava and I must say, it has really pushed me and my limits :facepunch:
Looking forward to 2021 with bigger jumps and faster times🤙


Thanks to covid induced travel restrictions giving me the most time off since I was a teen, I managed 3842 KM & 47488 M elevation of mountain biking. (since this is a MTB site)
The most memorable ride was fat biking at Canmore Nordic Centre with my 13 year old daughter in -25C.


My goal was 3,000 km, but I ended up with only 2,657 km. Part of the reason I didn’t reach my goal is a recent injury, but mostly I just didn’t get 'er done. All of my riding was on MTB and I managed 46,640 m of climbing, which is the most I’ve ever done in a year.

Overall, it was a great year with loads of amazing rides and beers. Two big rides at Minto stand out as I hadn’t ridden there before and it’s such a great trail system. A day at Wentworth with over 1,600 m of climbing is another I won’t soon forget. I also managed to work up the nerve to hit several features that I hadn’t ridden before. Having watched @brightwhite hit some of his firsts has shown me I’ve still got plenty of room to grow but I won’t be putting those features on my list for 2021!


I have about 400kms tracked most of those were trail rides with others. Quite a few solo rides ok either rails to trails or just buzzing around town werent tracked… I ride to work daily which is 4.5km one way and those arent recorded either

I will log more in 2021 and hopefully planning some new Brunswick trips along with pei provided borders are opened back up


I rode on the trainer, mountain bike, and my cyclocross bike. i rode a total of 4191 km’s better than half on the trainer (1600 km’s March to May during lockdown). Most of the rest was on my mountain bikes.

Elevation 48629 m.

Overall I was pleased with how much I rode. I really have enjoyed riding on Zwift. It helps for my training plus in those in between times- can’t wait to fatbike on the snow again!


Mostly singletrack with a couple on the road and rail trails. I did a few short runs too. When covid hit I took my turn walking with a preschooler which gave me more active days but not much distance (at least not in a straight line). I kept the walking up even though he went back to daycare. It’s nice to get out even briefly on a regular basis.


Rides are down from last year but I broke that 1000 mark at least. Notably, broken bones are down as well.


Distance 1,002.8 km
Time 113h 46m
Elev Gain 14,577 m
Rides 75
Broken Bones 0


Distance 1,214.9 km
Time 132h 33m
Elev Gain 14,355 m
Rides 120
Broken Bones 1

Recorded my first ride on Strava on Sept 26 but between then and the end of the year got 1007kms. Lots of gravel in there, especially as things got wetter this fall and winter. Hoping to avg 400kms a month in 2021. Plan to do some road riding once my gravel bike comes this spring and will hopefully have a trainer for next winter. Biggest ride was 82km plan to work my way up to some 100k plus rides so I can do Elgin next fall.


In 2020, I:

  • rode many kilometres
  • rode many trails
  • met many people (though fewer than I’d have liked)
  • made a few new friends
  • improved some skills
  • learned new skills

All things considered, it was a good year.


Tad under 9000km over 380hr and 118,000m of climbing. Not quite the 10,000km goal but I am still super happy with these numbers! So happy to see that everyone makes time to ride during the pandemic! I know personally, covid would suck 10x more if it wasn’t for these two wheeled machines we all love! Ride on!