29 or 26

I thought 29ers looked huge!

I have been longing for a new ride for some time now and am 99.5% sure that I want to jump to 29" wheels and thought I had my new ride picked out… until I saw a sweet 26 that stole my heart.

You guys/gals that have already made the switch:

What differences have you noticed?
On a scale of 1 to 10, is the change worth it?
Is there a learning curve at all?
Will I have to change my riding style to accomadate the bigger hoops?

imo, wo makes an awsome xc bike, mine is considered an all mtn, however i can now see its downfalls. the biggest is the fact the wheel base is so much longer than a 26. drops become scary and much more technical. but for straight out xc they are going to be the dominant machine. only learning curve really, would be that its a sti down bike, no pay out for standing on those climbs. also i recently added a dropper post to mine, honestly they made a mistake by not adding it to the final build. it is a little more tight in a lot of local trails but i would chalk that up to the 780mm bars i am running, and the many hrm trails were built when 680 was the norm. overall the 29 is a great bike, makes me look like a champ on many occations, but i wouldnt sell that 26 just yet. 650b is for 2013 i would wait till spring i got a feeling that this will be the machine of choice.

cant edit sorry wo = 29

I’ve heard us brought up on 26 will be dissappointed. I’m keeping my 26er for a while yet.

26" for life!
out of curiosity, what 29er bike are you looking at getting? and the sweet 26er that has got you having second thoughts?

Was looking at the Kona Satori for a 29, and a Yeti like Sues for a 26.

Well Troy, looks like we’ll just have to go for a ride and you’ll have to use my Norco Shinobi to feel the power of the full suspension 29er. Name the time and place, I have some spare time on my hands.

That might be a good idea Mike. I will keep you posted as soon as I find the time to ride. Maybe next week sometime? Or the next? Or next?
Too many tasks to complete around home.

I’m wide open Troy. Even last minute, drop me a text or call or whatever works for you.

go for a good ride troy… you will never regret it… it is quite the machine.

I recently picked up a Specialized 29er Carve (Hardtail, 80mm travel). I was on a 26inch rockhopper, so they really are direct comparisons. This weekend I rode the Carve at Gore and loved every minute of it. Stuff that has traditionally a slog for me was not noticeable. You just roll that much easier, and you have a bit more grip on climbs. I’ve only gotten 2 rides in so far on it, but as far as an XC Hardtail decision goes, there is no turning back for me.

I’ve ridden Mikes Shinobi at Whopper and had a blast, but I’m unsure what parts made it a blast, the big wheels or the novelty of using a full suspension (i ride on a full suspension about once a year). It was great on rock gardens and the like, but felt tight in tight spots. I hear that goes away with familiarity with the rig, and some newer riding techniques. I was also bottoming out but that was purly cause his bike was setup for him, not me and I have a few pounds on mike.

So personally: 29er for hardtail, 26er for Full suspension… tho 650b sounds like it checks a lot of the right boxes.

There will defiantly be the two camps of thought on the great
debate of 29 vs 26. Recently got a 29 full suspension…having a
blast! It was for sure, a few days of riding adjustment…like
when you buy a new car and the gearshift (or stereo for that
matter) is at a slightly different location than what you are used
to…a few days to get adjusted.

There is great discussion of this on the web, and have read alot
of the “cons” for a 29er. The big one that I would come across is
the strength of the wheels not being as strong. I am not doing 5
ft drops, so that was not a concern for me. Could be for many.
With time, I am sure you will also see the progression of
stronger wheels for the 29ers.

You can really pick up some serious speed downhill or on a flat,
it’s like a choo choo train. I took the bike out too soon on some
technical stuff and it was a very overwhelming experience as it
is very different from my 26. These days and weeks later, it
would not be an issue. EAiser to climb as well. My tires could
still be better though

If you intend to travel on plane with bike, there is not as much
available (they do exist) for boxes and cases. Plus you may have
the extra cost of weight and/or size

I still use my 26,but now it feels soo small when I hop on…and
takes me so much longer to get to where I need to go! I would
recommend 29 most definitely. Give one a try (or two) if you ever
have a a chance. But really, it’s what you are going to have the
most fun on that counts… I still love them both.

26", 650b, 29"… 36"!!!