3D Printing

I need to get a few spacers made for my chainguide. Does anyone know of a 3D printing service? Preferably in Halifax area. Thanks

There is a place in Lower Sackville called EurekaTec.

I’ve never been in or dealt with them, I just saw their storefront when I drove by the other day and thought, if I ever have a need for 3d printing…


Hey Craig–a friend of mine is well connected in the 3D printing industry, so I asked him. He wants to know if you have the print-ready file already or if you’d need that too.

I heard the central library might have a 3D printer?

I don’t have a print file, but I do have dimensions.

K. Will find out what I can.

I could probably create a 3D file if needed. I have access to Autodesk Inventor, which can export to many different file formats.