A few bikes I'd like to have

Scott Genius LT 10…

So I’ve been looking at the new crop of 2013 bikes and there are some sweet rides out there. If money was no object here is what I’d be filling my garage up with for new bikes:

Transition Klunker - cause it looks awesome, and harkens back to the roots of mountain biking

Kona Rove - the setup is very similar to my current caribou, but with a chromo frame

Norco Sight 2 - I really want to try the 650b standard. my shinobi is great, so why not try a 650b

Retrotec - I could use a current fork, disk brakes and still look retro

Ritchey 275 - It looks great, uses the new 650b standard, and the brand has a killer reputation.

What would you or are you buying for next year?

I’d be set for life with a 2003 -2011 Rocky Mountain Blizzard frame. Reynolds 853 loveliness.

Ritchey 275. Limited funds/desire means I’d buy the frame this year and fork/wheels in 2014.

Greens, I thought you were getting out of the MTB game? Get a cool bike, and keep riding!

I’d vote to keep my Concorde as long as possible, but for the sake of dreaming, and possibly getting a bike with “current” standards to have more component choice, I’d probably go with a sick looking Dekerf, Vicious Cycles or Judge Madison steely, or possibly a Moots or Litespeed Ti rig of some sort.