A good read on consussions and cycling

Got this from sportwheels’ FB:

Great read.


Wow, that article is kind of scary. It’s great that concussions are being taken a lot more seriously by people thanks to all the media coverage of them in pro sports.

Reading that made me want to upgrade my helmet…

There is an attachment available for hockey and football players that will measure the impact on the head. The device indicates if an impact was large enough to possibly induce a concussion.

I can remember as a kid playing hockey that you if you ‘got your bell rung’, you just got back up and kept going. If you didn’t your were teased mercilessly. How times have changed with the research of today.

Sportwheels has those devices now that measure impact while you’re playing and it registers on the coaches iPhone.

That is pretty sick!

good read indeed, scary, going to make sure all our helmets are up for another year of use.

I knew a guy from many years ago - Carl, who told me this story later. Carl was out for a road ride with some buddies. He was out of the saddle sprinting, when he lost his front wheel, dug the fork into the ground, and took a tumble off the front of his bike. The other riders came back to see if he was OK. He answered,

“Yeah, I’m fine. What happened?”
“The quick release on your front wheel let go. You had a crash. You sure you’re OK?”
“Yeah. What happened?”
“Carl, the quick release on your bike let go. You crashed. Are you alright?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. Just tell me what happened!”
“Sit down, Carl.”

I made sure to wear a helmet ever since.

Maybe Carl was hard of hearing…lol

It’s great that these issues are being taken more seriously… there’s no reason why a kid should have his life permanently affected by playing minor sports.