A Life Shattered by Brain Injury - Lorraine Truong

A Life Shattered by Brain Injury - Lorraine Truong

It’s amazing how quickly someones life can change forever. I’ve been thinking the last bit that I might be due for a new helmet and should probably spend the money for an MIPS one, reading this might have given me the push I needed.


Read that this morning also. It’s so easy to assume none of us will experience a serious injury while riding but at the same time we all know it’s a possibility. Ride safe, wear appropriate protection and when you do go down, take some time to assess yourself before you jump back on the bike and keep going.

Let’s be careful out there!


Was looking at MIPS as well. Anyone know of any published evidence that it provides more protection.?

Having a doctor who knows about concussion and brain injuries and that you can feel okay to go to and tell what’s happening, I think that’s something we should have.

One of my therapists, Dr. Ashley Lilly (ACCEL Physiotherapy & Sport Performance Centre), has been advocating for athletes to have baseline concussion tests done so that in the event that a head-injury occurs, there’s a previous result to compare it with. I’ve been meaning to get one done, and this might be the push I need.

The short answer is there is no independent, peer reviewed studies on the true effectiveness of MIPS or any other rotational force reduction technologies. There currently no standard developed to test these technologies in bicycle helmets.

Decent overview of studies here:


You can easily do your own baseline concussion testing with open access concussion assessment tools.
I think the SCAT 5 is the latest version


Just have a friend administer it to you. Also fun to try after you’ve had a few drinks…