A pile of FREE tires

hay if ya still got them tires I will tak em off your hands i got a few friends that could use em as well plus i get to install YaY

YES, you read that correctly.
I have a pile of free tires to give away to a loving home.

Most if not all are still good and have lots of tread left. Mostly MTB tires but think there are some roadies there as well.
Michelin, Kenda, Hutchinson and Tiaoga me thinks.

As an added bonus if you act now, you also can have my pile of, “I will patch you later” tubes.
These tubes just need a patch somewhere and they are as good as new. Road and MTB.

Act now while supplies last.
Did I mention it is all FREE?!!

Mass picture??? Shoulda gave them out to trick or treaters.

I will take a photo tomorrow.
We don’t get trick or treaters here any more. Not since the kids next door went missing anyway…

Well, if no one bites, you can always donate them to Bike Again at the Bloomfield Center.

That is a great idea.

Might do that with some of my bike stuff as well.