Across The Highlands Challenge - July 18/15

Details are starting to trickle in for this year’s AHC. With a short and long route option it’s a great event for all skill levels, and because it’s not a race there is a real sense of fun and camaraderie at this event. Would be great to ride it with an ECMTB “team” this year.

Here’s the details:

Across The Highlands Challenge 2015

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And the steaks are awesome!

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I’m still thinking this is a great event for me. My dad lives about 45 minutes away, so lodging should be affordable.

The snow should be gone by then, too!

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I look forward to playing host forthis event. Hope to meet some of you guys if you make the trip!
I’m happy to answer any questions in this thread.

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Ah so that’s your cycling association @yanner. I didn’t make the connection until now. Congrats, you must be pretty excited.

I just registered, anyone else going this year?

Just confirmed…
It’s been on my to-do list for about a month

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Thanks for registering guys, you won’t be disappointed!

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@dealmac are you guys going again this year?

We’ve been thinking about it. Are you planning on doing it?

Love to have you down for a ride. We generally do Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings.

The course layout was announced last night. Looks really good. My back-of-the-napkin calculations says it looks like about 900m or so in climbing for the long loop, but I welcome @Yanner to clarify. Deadline to register is July 12th.

@bent6543 How many laps around Irishmans is 70km? :grinning:
Time to put the road bike away for a few weeks!

Here’s to the link showing the course layout:
If you look to the lower right, you can see out estimate for the 70k as 1200 m of elevation gain.
But of course, that also means 1200 m of elevation loss! Keep an eye on our website for more updates and pictures, and check out our association’s Facebook page:


@dealmac yep I’m doing it again this year.

And I will definitely be down for a ride in the valley sometime soon.

Big spike in registration this week so far, maybe the pictures are helping!
Remember that registration is capped at 100 and usually sells out.

I also wanted to note that all proceeds from the event will seed mountain biking projects in the area. We will be leveraging this initial amount of money against as many grants and other funding programs as possible.


The course in digital form! There might still be some minor changes, so we are holding off on making GPS files available.


When did they switch from a point to point ride with a bus ride back to the start? Good idea on their part, whenever that happened.

No bus rides here, unless I’m missing a joke? Might be the 3D perspective from the Google Earth screen capture that is misleading. We can still do sing-alongs though!

@tossedsalad back in the day it was a point to point, not a loop?