Across the Highlands MTB Challenge 2015

Info for the AHC 2015 is up:


Thanks for posting. Again, feel free to ask any questions and I’ll update as more details about the course become available. You can also keep an eye on



It’s not an issue for me, as my dad lives nearby and accommodations are taken care of…but do you have any recommendations for overnight accommodations in the area? If it’s the same weekend as Mabou Ceilidh, it might be tough to find a spot. What about camping?

I’m really looking forward to this one.

Hi Alan,
Great idea about accommodations. I will add some links to the page to point people in the right direction.
As it turns out, Mabou Ceilidh days changed weekends and will be July 11/12. I believe an earlier draft of the event description is what was posted on the VCB site. Everything else is accurate though.

Cool, thanks!

There must be some other event that weekend?
Did they still do Judique (passed out) on the floor days?
Chestico Days are typically first weekend in August?