Age limit/ Range for ECMTB rides?

Hi, im sort of new to mountain biking and want to ride trails with a group. i’m only a teenager and don’t have a parent or friend that rides here in the city. Opinions?

Not sure if there are official age limits, but once I’m back to the group rides I’d be happy to be an occasional chaperone so you can get out on the trails.


ok, thanks!

Welcome @Kieranmack. We suggest a minimum age of 16 for our group rides, with your parents permission. If you’re under 16 though you’re still welcome but you should have an adult with you on the ride. And of course everyone is expected to ride within their own abilities and be responsible for their own safety.

We do ride some beginner friendly trails but most of our rides would be considered intermediate/technical. If you’d like to join us on a beginner friendly trail, watch for our rides at Shubie Park, MacDonald Sports Park or Nine Mile River.

Also check out the learn to ride clinics that @TrailFlow is putting on. These clinics are a great way to build your skills and confidence on a bike and also meet some like minded riders.

Giant Halifax also has a series of mountain bike rides just for beginners. Not sure if they have an age limit or not, but worth looking into.

Hope this helps, see you on the trails.


i’m only a bit short of 16 (15 yrs) and i figure i progress on my own for a while, and consider joining the rides once i’m as competent as necessary to ride all the trails, (except black diamonds) then re-evaluate.

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Believe me it’s not question of skill but more about liability for ride leads. Which is not a great answer but true.

Hang in there and maybe come out to a shubie or McSport park ride.

Out of curiousity, where do you normally ride?

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i’ve been riding glenbourne DJ for a good while, a couple self built trails in the woods behind my house, given i’ve got no one to ride the proper trails with.