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Greetings ECMTBers,.

I’m visiting Halifax for a week (starting today). I couldn’t travel with my bike for technical reasons but would like to rent one. My friend, whoninwill stay with, lives 5 mins away from the McIntosh trails. Would anyone here have a good recommendation for rental places?

Thank you for your help!

Antoine Thisdale

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Hi @Thisdale welcome. Halifax is seriously lacking in the rentals department.

@rossw_idealbikes at IdealBikes used to have some rentals, not sure if they still do.

MEC has a couple Intense demo bikes that they loan out. Might be your best bet.


This is interesting; thank you @Rolls. I figured mec would come up, it seems to be the defacto-place for sports in these parts. I’m a bit surprised at the small size of the mtb community tbh. Its such a great place to ride!

I might post in the event section during the week, see if peoe are riding places.


@Thisdale obviously size is relative but I’d argue we have a pretty good size MTB community here, and several great shops, just not a lot of rentals.

Feel free to post up a ride or check the “Last Minute Rides” thread.


Awesome sauce!

Well thank you for the help guys. Unfortunately, I pretty much called all bicycle stores in the city and apparently no one rents or demo. Very sad.


I think Bike Monkey in Truro- about an hour outside halifax rents bikes- maybe someone in the area could confirm. Probably not ideal for you, but it is a nice day trip, and there’s good riding there at Victoria park

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Valley Stove and Cycle had some fatbikes for rental. An hour out of Halifax in the Annapolis Valley and great trails there and a group ride happening Wednesday(?) night. Check with them.

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Tha ks @Drgonzo & @Rockhopper. I’ll see of thats towards where i can go. I walked the mcintosh run today; beautiful trails.

I’ll check of there are work days i can join for some help, it’ll be at least that.


If a Large frame will do, I could rent you my RSD Mayor fatbike, currently running 29x3" Maxxis Minions.


Just saw that Outdoor Elements rents decent bikes out of Sussex. Not sure if you can take em out of province though.