Am I ready?

Doing an inventory of my pack. Anything missing?

What do you bring along?

Someone is going to say cleat bolt, so I’m gonna beat you to it. Yes, I need a cleat bolt or two in there.

I’ve got the same stuff (minus the der hanger which I really need to get). I also carry a small first aid kit, whistle, zip ties and a roll of electrical tape.

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I also always carry a shock pump, patches and a lighter.

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A couple of zip ties is all I’d add for shorter rides in familiar trails near civilization, maybe a snack too. For more remote locations definitely small first aid kit including antihistamine tabs in case someone has a reaction to stings, lighter, motorcycle tire patch and and ultra small poncho. Maybe another tube or a tube patch kit too.

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my commuter kit has all of this, plus glueless patches, tire boot, co2 inflator (for when i had tubeless setup), spoke wrench, and a few wraps of gorilla tape around my pump.

my “out there” tool kit has all of the above, plus real 4, 5, 6mm allen wrenches with an 8mm adapter, 4 real chain links, shock pump, a kevlar spoke, random bolts (cleat, chainring, disc rotor, and at least one that’ll fit my alternator dropouts), extra sealant, valve core tool, curved needle and thread, and super glue. i’m sure i’m forgetting something, though.

I have been carrying latex work gloves so that when I deal with a dirty oily chain or what not when I am done I just peel them off and have perfectly clean hands.

Cleat bolts. Never thought about those. Will have to throw a few in as that could really suck. Otherwise, I think I’ve got pretty much everything I need.

It’s also probably a good time to check what’s really in my pack as opposed to what I think is in there. Good thread!

I probably would have been the first to bust your chops about the cleat bolt @JeffV and come to think of it, I don’t have any in my pack either.

I have all the same things in my pack (co2 cartridges instead of hand pump though), as well as some sort of snack or two just incase.

Latex gloves are something I’ve meant to add but keep forgetting, and I should try and fit some sort of first aid kit in there too.

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I’ve never had a cleat bolt go. I’ve got over 20 years on SPD pedals. The only thing not there I carry is ID and a credit card or some money. I’ve had to use the bus to get home before. So I bring a tube, pump, multitool, tire levers, food, water, ID, and money. That’s for any sized day only ride. After a tube, the next best thing is the chain breaker.

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I’d ditch the tire irons for plastic ones.

I had some issues using the plastic tire irons on a winter ride. Miserable mess. Snapped all three.

I’ve broken the plastic ones many many times. I have steel ones which work great, but there is a slightly higher risk of puncturing the tube with them due to the increased leverage (mine are really long) and they also scratch and grind the aluminium rims. I’d never use them on carbon rims at all.

I carry way too much…

All of those things plus…
Shock pump
First aid kit
Handheld GPS
Spare mini-headlight (like an MEC Turtle or better). Nothing like a ride stretching into the evening and either forgetting a headlight or having the battery run out and then to ride home holding your cell phone with light on in one hand…

Most of my rides these days are on familiar trails not too far from home. I used to do a lot more solo rides on unfamiliar trails, sometimes going quite far back into the bush, so I also pack a mini-survival kit in case I get lost and have to spend a night in the woods:
“survival kit in a can” from Canadian Tire,
waterproof matches,
bear bell,
a package of Kleenex for wiping whatever needs wiping, and a mini bottle of hand-sanitizer,
orange garbage bag (many survival uses from shelter to signalling)
if winter, hot-pack hand warmers

I have lost cleat bolts before, a couple of times, I think. One time, the cleat twisted on the shoe, so I couldn’t unclip. I had to take the shoe off and leave it on the pedal, in order to get off the bike. I actually don’t have a spare cleat bolt in the pack, so that’s one more thing I’ll have to put in.

I’ve got the typical stuff onboard-

-tire pump
-shock pump
-1/2 roll of tp with the cardboard removed so it squashes flat
-a couple of plastic tire levers, though my tires of choice come on/off pretty easy by hand
-a little bit of cash
-light and battery, you never know when an afternoon ride can turn into an evening/night ride
-small bag of lint for fire starter
-quick link and 4 regular links
-collapsible Fiskar saw (don’t always bring this one but it fits in with the pumps no problem)
-bag of trail mix
-small roll of Gorilla tape

Probably some other miscellaneous stuff I’m forgetting…

Ok here goes…

First aid kit
Roll of shin pad tape
Strips of duct tape
Tube (I ride tubeless but it seems like a good idea anyway)
Plastic tire levers
Master link
Chain breaker
A Toonie
A Loonie
A spare pair of cleats
Mini pump
Pruners (you’d be amazed how many times I pull these out)

and an iPhone. Usually playing music in one of the pockets

No belly button lint for fire starting like gtrguy but i definitely should have some of that

I’m surprised by the number of people carrying shock pumps. Possibly a dumb question, but is that just for tinkering? I can’t think of an emergency need for one.

No, not for an emergency on my part. But I do play with pressures occasionally and it has come in handy for the occasional rider who’s shock isn’t holding air… no names mentioned. lol

Yeah I was thinking the same. Once my shock is set, I don’t change it for months and months so I have no need to drag around the pump. I keep my gear to a minimum. Just enough stuff to fix basic repairs. Tubes, chains, loose bolts and pivots.

I don’t bother with the shock pump either…
for chain repairs I bring a real chain breaker Park CT-5, I always found the multi-tool ones to be awful to work with.
I never bothered with cleat bolts either until @adam broke one on a ride, I just thread one into a rack mounting hole or water bottle mounting hole since I don’t use bottles.

Yeah, you saved my bacon on that one by tightening down the remaining bolt to get me through; my upper body strength – approximately equivalent to that of a 12 year old girl – doesn’t help too much there.

Of course I wouldn’t have lost my bolt if I’d just tightened them before the ride! :grin: