And now for something completely different

Things seem to have calmed down. That’s good. Now for some old timey fun. A few of my most vintage mags survived a flood of a few years ago so here we go.


For years I was under the impression that Kona via Joe Murray (who I met in California at Shimano a few years ago) created the sloping top tube. Nope, here it is on the Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt in MBA in 1987. This might seem normal to everyone but back then and for the next five years or more most production mountain bikes would continue to have horizontal top tubes.


Those glasses are pretty on trend right now

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So are the helmets!'s/Helmets/Cycle/Trace/p/E0072802E5155/sizeVariants

Kona Joe Murray brake levers, note the hole at the end of the lever, to bolt on a lever extension so you could brake while your hands were still on the bar ends…


Ha ha, my first Kona came with those. Bought it at the Trail Shop.


Still have a set of those lever extensions in my basement, won at a race in 91, never installed.


Your post-flood vintage collection is probably still frighteningly comprehensive.

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