Anima Mundi Trail Build Day

April 28th 10am

Anima Mundi is finally out from under the snow and needs your efforts to officially open for the spring season.

There is landscaping, raking, digging, sawing, carrying wood in and out, hammering, rock work, lopping, bridge work, berm building, and more (did I mention riding!) available to meet all your trail fantasies. Ok maybe not ALL of them but you get the idea. There is a significant amount of work that needs attention. Yes, even more than the forest gnomes can handle.

We have some hand tools available and you may bring some tools of your own such as rakes, shovels, hammers, buckets, gloves and loppers though I think I have about 95% of the lopping already done from the past month. Lots of raking needed for sure.

We’ll be meeting in the driveway at the house by 10 am. I’ll keep my cell with me if anyone is arriving late as we’ll be spread all over the trail network. 902.691.6674 (Glenn)

Bring along your mountain bike for a trail ride when we are finished up for the day!

For more information please contact or post to the event wall.