Another NL Trail Video

Hey Guys
This is a video I did of a group ride of Subnet and is probably one of the more fun trails in St. John’s. Its my first time on the trail and the wet slippery roots drove me crazy. A great bit of fun. Hope you enjoy!

Great Video!

Looks a lot like Nova Scotia terrain… roots and rocks. :slight_smile:

Awesome Vid. What a nice trail.

You look to ride about my speed so I love you for that too.

Yea, lots of roots and rocks. Add some mud and water and it gets really greasy.

I’m not much into speed . . . unless there is a slight downhill in a soft grassy field. :slight_smile:

Anthony is heading back to Newfoundland next week, I’m sure he’ll post up looking for some trails to ride and folks to ride them with.

Anthony . . . by all means flip me an email or post to one of my videos and I will add you to our MTB list.