Any bets on how long until wrandees is ridable again?

I’m optimistically calling for Sunday.


Not unless a plow goes through. Shubie or MacDonald Park may be the only places to ride as they plow those trails.

Never underestimate the power of dog walkers, @muddy

If we could only get parking near the trails and about 50 snowshoers.

Looks like warm temps and rain on Saturday so that should help.

Anyone want to go for a stomp tonight to beat it down before it rains?

I might be up for that, @Rolls.

@muddy Out of curiousity, how long after a snowfall do Shubie or MacDonald Park trails get plowed?

I can’t speak for MacDonald Park but I would think Shubie would be done by now (4pm on Thursday). By no means would it be all the trails but there would be something open there. Anything crusher dust and maybe the dog walk around the lake will be scraped.

On another note, the streets are narrow but surprisingly bare. The city did a good job in cleaning up. The walls of snow on both sides of my driveway are insane. Easily 10’ high on one side and 8’ on the other. I took the 8’ one down about 3 feet a couple of weekends ago, chipped all the ice out and that kind of stuff. I would hate to see how high that one would be if I didn’t clear it beforehand

Fyi… I rode Wrandees tonight, Not great, but totally rideable,

It was -8c at the time. Tomorrow is going up to +1c so it will be soft again.

Last year Shubie was plowed by twelve hours after snow but I heard it is a different crew this year and it takes longer and they plow less trails then last year.
MacDonald Park as far as I know does not get plowed but groomed for xc skiing
. We are going to Shubie tonight and I expect it to be a good ride.

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