Any Future Halifax Mtb race?

What’s the future of Halifax mtb trails? Is there any group or individuals planning on organizing an event or race?

E.g MacFight Epic Enduro Race ? UCI ? EWS Halifax?

Just well wishing here! :sweat_smile:


Yeah that would be awesome

And a dh race so I can finally beat @Ryan02

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I would be open to help organize such events as part of my volunteer hours for school. I would love to see more races locally. A race at fight trail would be crazy!

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Isnt that what strava is for? :thinking: Racing but you dont even have to be social at all?

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Sounds about right :joy:

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I have no plans to organize a race yet. I was starting to think about an XC time trial at Nine Mile. Nine Mile isn’t really suitable for a group XC race. It doesn’t have a loop - it’s strictly an in-and-out, and there isn’t much room for passing, except on the front loop. But, what about a time-trial? Individual starts from the pond, and back out to the parking lot? Qualifier, and then a race run, like downhill, or best time of two runs? That way, a rider could race against themself as well. See if you can better your time on the second run. Thoughts?

We’ve also been thinking about organizing a poker run at Nine Mile, but we want to get Hemlock Loop in service first. Maybe a winter/fatbike poker run?


Used to do a point to point tt at wrandees that was pretty well received. Sounds like a great idea RH.


Could have a series of “unofficial” races at different trails, I really like the point to point idea. Possibly whopper, fight, brunello if we could get approval, and any other trail systems that would be suitable. Could have a few races a month. Sounds like fun!


I ran a weeknight race series last spring. I kept it pretty simple: short loop course, a few volunteers for timing and course marshalls, and a mass start. I used Webscorer for registration, timing, and results.

Grass roots racing is a lot of fun. It’s also a great way to grow a local cycling community and give riders exposure to racing in a pretty low stress way.