Any good deals on tires lately?

I’m looking to replace my 26" rear tire.

I have a Spec Purgatory on it now but have liked before: Hans Damph, Kenda Nevegals or Maxxis Minion DHR.

Prices are pretty high lately. Best, I’ve found was Spec. Butcher Control for $55.

Looking to buy local.

Are you going wire or kevlar bead???

I had Continental Trail Kings on my old Norco 26" Faze 2 and found them to be great. They held up well riding the granite at Fight and Whopper all the time, and had great traction overall on all surfaces.I never noticed much in terms of rolling resistance or weight, but I don’t pay much attention to that anyways.

I ordered the wire beads from Sportwheels and they were ~ $35/ tire. Never used the Kevlar, so don’t know the price, but they would be more $$$$.

I also just got a set of Mountain King II’s from Continental for my 27.5" and they look sweet, although I haven’t ridden them yet.

Checking MEC website, they carry both the Trail King and Mountain King II in 26" versions. From my experience riding the trails around HRM and the rest of the province, I would have a hard time betting against Continental.

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I have a folding 26" Kenda Nevegal Stick E that has never been mounted. Can’t get much more local than that

PM me if you are interested

I’ll buy the Nevegal if @JeffV doesn’t want it. They’ve worked well for me.

Sorry Eric. It is gone

Sorry @Rockhopper!

No problem. Glad to see it going to a worthy cause.