Any leads on a large 29er full suspension bike?

Asking for a friend!! They’re 6’2. Would XL be too big? Where they’re wanting to say, smash Keppoch on weekends and take it trail riding back home. Any suggestions or leads on any pre-owned. Budget is 4000k max :slight_smile:
Any helpful input is valuable and appreciated. Thanks for reading!


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That’s 27.5, regrettably! Not sure if it’s convertible to 29, though!!

Xl is where it’s at. At 6 foot plus I can’t imagine anyone riding a large

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I’m going to have a 2019 XXL Santacruz Hightower for sale in the near future. It’s a 29er with 160mm in the front and 135mm in the rear. Shimano SLX 12s, xt 4 piston brakes, etc.

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Might be a bit too large for them, I’m afraid :grimacing: Wee more travel than they’re seeking, too. But I appreciate the insight and will totally keep it in mind, regardless!!

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From what I understand, they prefer a bit more playful/poppy and “flickable” frame thus the demand for a large!

I’m 5,7 riding a large get a lx for sure

@Giverrns hit up @a.mart see if your budget and needs matches that bike is killer and will be well maintaned if so. @SQUATCH deals with him all the time hear nothing but glowing reviews :slight_smile:


Similar height and have never ridden a L bike always been an XL.

Not sure what travel your friend is looking for but have a 115r/130f giant anthem for sale. It’s 27.5 and that has never stopped me riding anything….

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Noted and forwarded !


Nice thanks man!