Any one got a 4.8 they would let me fit?

Hey. Anyone got a 4.8" tire they would let me try on the back of my fat bike. I’m looking at bitting the bullet on some new tires but not sure my frame will fit a 4.8.

When reading up I’ve seen people with varying success with the larger tires for my frame.

If it won’t then that limits my tire options. Let me know!

How many speeds on your bike? If you don’t get a reply by next tuesday, I will let you try the rear wheel off of my fattie preride.

It’s a 4.7…but looks and measures wider.

@riderx 9 speed

What hub spacing do you both have? 170 or 190/197? That might cause am issue with swapping wheels.

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I’m honestly not sure what mine is.

Hey @Chris_Dwyer-perkins . . . what bike do you have?

In case you are not aware, fattie tires rarely measure their stated width. My experience is that 4.8 = 4.5ish, 4.5 = 4.25ish

Hey! I have a 2014 Norco Bigfoot with 80mm rims

I ended up getting a reallly good deal on a pair of snowshoes XL 4.8s and when mounted they ended up at about 4.3-4.4 wide. They ended up fitting but it’s really close. I think I am going to take some time and shave a few mm off the drive train side nobs. .

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Just a little tight haha.

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Trade you some 4.5 Snowshoes @Chris_Dwyer-perkins :wink:

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