Any one racing cross this year?

I signed up, will see how many I’ll be actually able to make it to.
I have a love/hate relationship with cyclocross-I like mud and cowbells and post ride beer. I don’t like the feeling of wanting to vomit if I exceed my anaerobic threshold too quickly and roadie/dickhead personalities…


Trying to sell my fatbike over Cx. Hopefully I could signed up soon too.

Just do it!


Oh man, if fatbike cx would be a thing here I wonder how would the trails look like on a muddy day. Blame on moto tools :laughing:

I did the first one this past weekend, it was fun, in a very brutal sort of way.

Typical CX race:

Before- This should be fun, cool course, that part with the decreasing radius off camber sand turn will be fun when I am so gassed I can’t see.

During (about 1/2 way through)- I wish an airplane would crash into this entire event so I could die and not have to do one more lap of this stupid F’d up shithole course on this dumb ass bike, if I was on my MTB, this would be so much more fun…

After (once you have a beer in your hand)- That was kinda fun, when is the next one? Oh, its at that place with the sand pit filled with logs for 250m? Sweet!


pretty much sums it up.

Yes now I need to go on the next nssp race!