Any Trails Near Canso?

I don’t know what the trail condition/access is like or their suitability for biking as all of these trails are listed as hiking trails.
Off the Fox Island Main Road/Starks Rd. One goes from Fox Island Beach to Black Point and there’s also the Trench Road Trail to 3 Mile Lake.
There’s the Queensport Road Trail (also called the Preachers Trail). It would be an out and back trip but it goes right across from Queensport to Cole Harbour.
There’s also Dover Park at Black Duck Cove (chrusher dust) and there’s Chapel Gully right in Canso.

Hey all,

I’m heading to Canso for Stanfest, I’m thinking I might bring my bike and sneak out for some exploring. Anything in the area worth checking out / riding. I’m sure there are ATV trails all over.


Lots of ATV stuff there, and you could hit up Fitzpatrick Mountain in Scotsburn on the way up/back.