Anyone familiar with Brand X ascends?

Picked one up about a month and a half ago and it was working as expected up until Thursday. It still goes up and down fine but rises by itself when not in use. I can have it as low as it goes and if i get off it and leave it for about 20 minutes when i come back it will be as high as it can go. I can also pull it up without using the remote which i didn’t think you were supposed to be able to do.

Its really not a major deal but it just kinda bugs me. I really have no knowledge when it comes to droppers and have only gone as far as trying to remove or add tension by turning the barrel adjuster but that didn’t really solve anything.

Is anyone familiar with these posts or have any suggestions on what might be causing this?

Did you buy it used or new? My first guess would be you have too much cable tension. If not, there’s probably some issue with the cartridge. ChainReation seems to be really good for warranty things, plus they sell parts and rebuild kits for them.

I have had one on both bikes for a few seasons and they’ve been flawless with regular maintenance.

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Bought it new off chain reaction. Cant find the receipt either so i might be out of luck. :weary:

It should be in your profile or email (proof of purchase or order #).
CRC is pretty easy to deal with. Good luck!


They can pull up the info using your email so no receipt shouldn’t be a problem.

I’d pull it off the bike to confirm it’s not a cable tension issue and if it’s still extending on its own then send them an email. They should get you squared away fairly quickly.

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Will do.Thanks a lot man! I appreciate it. :fist_right::fist_left:

Yeah sounds like a cable issue. I’ve had one for two years and no issues.


Yeah, too much tension on the cable will do exactly what’s described. Good call.

Assuming it’s internally routed and assuming it’s on your Reign (which has a pivot bolt through the seat tube)…. the post may be inserted too far into the frame. The actuator at the bottom of the post, or the cable that attaches to it, may be butted against the pivot bolt that goes through the seat tube. There needs to be some clearance there. This may cause the dropper to behave as if the remote lever is pushed, even when it’s not. Or maybe it’s just a warranty claim :man_shrugging:t2:

My bike has a similar pivot bolt about half way down the seat tube and the brand x ascend was too long for my frame. Had to go with the OneUp dropper which has a shorter insertion length.


I appreciate the info and im going to try and pull the post out a bit more. What your saying definitely makes a lot of sense. I actually ordered a oneup v2 before i ordered this one but it got put on backorder and the date kept getting pushed back and i got impatient and just went with this one instead. I hope i can get this one figured out. I just find it super awkward jumping with the seat level or above the bars so i might just have to get a new one once they are available.

Also make sure the cable is still attached properly. If it was rammed against the pivot bolt it may be cocked.

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Yep. I think you are right. This post is to long for the frame :tired_face:

The OneUp posts are still on backorder and just got pushed back another 2 weeks. They’ve been pushing them back for months now, it’s insanity.

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Ino eh :sob: i waited a few months and just finally had enough. Just went with what was available. So frustrating.

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