Anyone have a commuterish bike?

Hey guys,

From Ecmtb/Cogeyed I was chaos_rider_ in case that rings any bells. I’m making the move to halifax however due to it being fairly sudden and quick i can’t bring any of my stable down for a few weeks as i dont have my own place yet. I’m wondering if anyone has a spare ride I can use as a commuter for 2-3 weeks of gentle use. It will be kept in a dry safe spot at all times. If you can help me out that would be great. Thanks so much

Hey Dave!

Make sure you come down to The Valley for some rides when your MTB’s show up! If you can make it to Wolfville, I have a bike you can borrow for a bit.

Cheers man,

What size bike do you need? I’m away this weekend, but I’m sure I can find one in my stable you can borrow. Heck you can probably choose from a couple.

Thanks Ryan! I’ll see what i can do, things are going to be pretty crazy for the next month until i find a permanent spot in the city. im couch surfing the first few weeks

Riderx, i got your PM, but i cant seem to reply to it? but that sounds perfect!

It says i still need to participate more to use the PM’s… if i only had my ECMTB post count…


Sorry, about that, was away enjoying the awesome trails in Freddy.

email me at and we’ll work something out. I’m pretty busy this week, but we’ll work something out.

David if you could drop me a line that would be fantastic, Thanks.