Anyone have a truck?

Anyone here driving a pickup? I’m looking to get a bed cover for a Tacoma that I can haul bikes-both over a tailgate cover as well as fully inside. Have been looking at a softopper as opposed to a fibreglass cap as you can fold it back and stow it really easily to carry larger items. I think I’ve seen trucks with these at the trailheads-just looking for recommendations.

Pretty sure @chucsutt is using one of these.

Cool thanks. Also anyone know where to get a tailgate pad in the HRM? I think cyclesmith has them and I might check rackology and trailshop tomorrow.

Yeah, Chuck has that one. Seems pretty quick to go up and down and you can still put a bike over the tailgate if you want to (if you drop your seatpost).

I use a Thule tailgate pad on my Ridgeline. I like that it doesn’t have straps that get in the way. I wish the handle opening didn’t obscure the rear camera tho. I got my pad from the Bike and Bean.


Good to know, thanks man. I’m sure I’ll have zero awkward backups while parking a truck, having switched from a tiny Honda hatchback :wink:

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