Anyone interested in a group road ride?

Any road guys on here interested in getting out for a decent run of ~50km or so?

I’m primarily a roadie, with the occasional foray off the tarmac.

I’m based in Windsor, but don’t mind travelling a bit for a ride.
My weekend rides tend to be long-ish - usually around 100k if I can get them in.
Weekday evening rides for me tend to be short and brutal - more like a TT (30-40k)

Always looking for new roads - I see you are Enfield based.

Post up! Whatcha thinking?


just recovering from Spartan race right now, haha.

I’m open to riding some new roads, something decently close though, on the week nights I can’t go until around 7pm and my weekends are usually pretty busy this time of year. probably sometime next week would work for me

Sounds good, Tuesdays and Thursdays are work from home days, which means I get an early jump on riding.
Tuesdays I often head to Kentville, but open to switching up.

I’ll ping you next week

cool, sounds good. Is there somewhere in bettwen enfield and windsor we can meet?

whta type of pace do you normally run?

Depending on distance and terrain…anywhere from 26-32kph solo
Most casual rides with pace lining are likely 28-29

If you start close(ish) to Windsor and the time works for me I’d probably be interested in joining you guys. I don’t have a preference as to the speed I ride in a group.

Adam will not worry about pace but will just focus on laying the smackdown once the road points upward…

Weather looks good for most of early next week.

Might be long for a evening ride, but a good weekend ride.
Splits the Windsor-Enfield divide fairly well by meeting in Rawdon…straight shot up Beaverbank if you toil in the city by day and can take your bike to work.

Open to suggestions of longer or shorter

I should be able to leave Dartmouth at 4pm. I usually ride around 30km/h. Never done a group ride before. 74K is long but is definitely doable, have to go early in the week as I don’t want to burn myself out before my triathlon on sunday! even though it’s a tiny one, haha.

my week has become unexpectedly busy, I am out for this week, but next week should be pretty wide open