Anyone resole their mtb shoes?

Just wondering if anyone has any experience regarding possibility/logistics of resoling their flats-either diy or getting a cobbler(?) to do it. I have a pair of five ten freeriders that are starting to get a bit chewed. The uppers are still totally decent.
I like new gear as much as any other mtber- but my Scottish heritage fights me every step of the way!

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I bought a tube of shoe goo to try this on my 510’s. Haven’t gotten around to it yet tho.


Yup shoe goo is an old favourite of mine-will probably end up going that route when the time comes…especially since my limited research shows fiveten has stopped selling their dot rubber resoles to consumers

My clip-in shoes also tend to die by the sole before the uppers go. Having the hole in the sole for the cleat doesn’t help matters, and the sole often comes detached in the cleat area. I’ve used contact cement with some success to keep the sole attached for a little while longer. I have wondered about approaching a cobbler to see about getting my shoes resoled because the sole usually goes long before the upper.

Shoe goo can work pretty well I’ve used it lots, to patch parts together or even rebuild parts of shoe soles, but it doesn’t last under hard use, and will peel and get ugly in the dirt.

If you’re looking for a resole I’d be going to Hiltz Shoe Repair (139 Portland St, Dartmouth). I had them put Vibram soles on my worn out Blundstones, they did great job.

A word to the wise, their wait times can be a bit longer than what people have come to expect from businesses these days.