Anyone riding a 2020 Trance 3 27.5?

Anybody riding 2020 trance 3 27.5? I understand its still entry level full sus but looking at the specs it seems like a pretty good bike at the price of $2800.
Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts, comments or concerns about the model.

Devstrek possibliy giant haha


I’ve got a Trance 29 but the 27.5s are a solid fun build. It’s a bit past a entry level bike, it’ll go most places.

The Maestro suspension set up is well proven.

All the components on the 3 are solid and there’s nothing you need to rush out and change unless you want to. It’s also supremely upgradable too.

Giant warranty is also been good to me in the past. I had a 2016 Anthem Advanced that kept on cracking along the seat tube. After 3 new frames instead of another Anthem they offered me a 2019 Trance instead.


Yeh seems to have everything i need at this price point. Dont see the 1×12 too often at this price

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Giant is known to be good bang for the buck.

For 150 bucks more the Trance 29 3 is another great option.


Have a 29er hardtail now. Thinkin id like a 27.5 full sus. Also think pickins r slim at giant right now

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