Anyone riding Lake Loop at Fight PLEASE READ

If you are riding Lake Loop please be careful when coming down the descent into the lake crossing…

The bridge just before the lake crossing is broken up, and the first section has been pulled out and removed. My buddy and I were riding it tonight and he was leading and almost bought it as we had no idea it was removed. The bridge is just around a semi-blind turn and you have a decent amount of speed after coming down the descent so it is easy to come up on really quickly.

We put the removed section directly across the trail before you come to it as we couldn’t see any other way to alert riders that it was missing.

Please pass this along to all riders who frequent Fight Trail…


Thanks was about to ride it tonight.

Thanks for the heads-up.If there’s an unsafe structure, I usually put a series of crossed sticks on the trail in front of it or on the structure, just to make people take a look before they attempt it.

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Someone has fixed that bridge, rode it this morning.

Heads up through heading towards Halifax Rock, that first bridge over the swampy area after coming down the big hill has a broken section. It’s about halfway across and the grass there is really tall so I didn’t see it until I was right on it.

It might still be rideable if you keep left and can keep your balance but I didn’t attempt it.

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Yep that one I didn’t took a pic! Got this one instead.i guess it’s Building/fixing season for fight trail. Lots of thanks to that Trail elf who fixed that bridge whoever you are I owe you beer. :laughing:


I read on FB that there was 1 or 2 replaced already this weekend. I’m fairly sure this/these are the one(s). Looking to put my portable chainsaw mill to work soon :slight_smile:


1st bridge on the swampy area 2nd bridge on the pic is really wobbly. I would love to help in making up the bridges. Only if I got equipments and materials I think I’ll do it myself. 3rd pic is the fixed bridge going to lake. Lots of Thanks to trail elfs who fixed that.