Anyone selling an XL bike?

I have a friend who is a road rider, and we’re trying to get him into mountain biking. The problem is he’s 6’4", and we think he needs an XL frame… we’ve checked out pinkbike and a few other places, but we really don’t see any used ones in that size frame nearby. Before he goes spending an absurd amount on his first mountain bike, is there anyone out there that has an XL bike they’re looking to part with? Or any suggestions on how to find one? There are some for sale out west, but not sure how willing people are for shipping bikes in the current climate

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If nothing looks good on the used market, check with Halifax cycles, I think they often have some XL bikes in stock.
Also this is in stock in xl at Cyclesmith

Not sure what your buddy’s idea of absurd amount is, but if he’s a road rider he probably won’t be totally sticker shocked…

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I have mine on here for $3000. Mark has posted it below. Its a great bike!

And I’m 6’4" so can confirm it will fit!

This is exactly my bike except mine is 2019 and a 29er. Mine is Carbon. Not sure about this one

I can confirm it is a great bike for the types of trails we have here