Apparel sizing question


I am curious if anyone has any experience with RaceFace riding kit. I wear a size medium short sleeve jersey from dakine which fits perfect, and a size medium ECMTB jersey. I have a slim build with long arms. So my concern is that I order a size small RF jersey and the sleeves are too short, or I order the medium and the sleeves fit but the body is too big. Any suggestions?



I just received a race face order last week. Got a long sleeve jersey in xl and it fits perfect I’m 510 200 lbs. If I get back in the gym hard when lock down opens up it will be tight… I need xl in their shorts as well. Larges are tight as hell on my thighs

Ok thanks! Do you have the ECMTB jersey by chance? Is the sizing consistent between other brands?

I don’t have a ecmtb jersey. Fox tshirts I can wear large or xl which is loose

I’m curious about the fox pants though how tjeh fit. Typically i wear a 38 " waist in work pants 36" waist in some jeans

I’m a 36/38 waist in pants/ jeans (closer to mostly 38 these days) and all of my shorts from Fox and 100% are 38’s. Now depending on the year the 38’s all fit different, they all fit, but some are looser than others. I have 3 pairs of the old Fox Demo short and I bought a pair a year for 3 years and they all fit different. Same with my 100% shorts, 2 pairs in 2 years with 2 different fits.

I have size small ECMTB and Race Face jerseys in both short and long sleeve. I find the ECMTB jerseys a fit a little bit tighter.

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I wear kids Extra large Fox shorts. Men’s sizing was like wearing ballon pants.


Don’t wear baggies but can definitely relate to the Kids XL life, ordered a Garneau LS jersey in size small (they didn’t make it in an XS) and it almost went to my knees lol.
I emailed them and they said all sizes of their clothing, size small and up are meant to fit best on someone 5’10" and taller…