Atlantic Canada = great riding, great lifestyle!

I’m preaching to the choir I’m sure but it’s always great to see Atlantic Canada getting props in the media for the riding and being associated with world class athletes like Hales and Lespy!


Dammit, beat me to it. Was just about to post this.

Let’s not forget the amazing community. My favourite thing about riding is the people that do it.


Absolutely, we’re fortunate to have a lot of solid riding scenes with great people in many communities in this region!


For sure! In Atlantic Canada we have such great trails, trail networks and communities - and all of them growing. Not to mention opportunities for hiking, surfing, ski touring, kiting, climbing paddling, fly fishing, you name it… While I don’t do all of these activities, opportunities for them are all over - and without big crowds.
We may not always realize it, but Atlantic Canada is an incredible spot to live if you love the outdoors and we’re lucky to have Haley and Lespy (and you too, Terry!) to spread the word.