Baby Raccoon

The Dodge is ready for ANYTHING!

OK. So I’m sure I will get grilled for this, but this is what happened to me on the way home tonight…
Driving from my brother’s place after we were out for a multiple birthday party, I see a lady on the side of the road flagging me down. So I pull over. Just as I roll down the passenger side window, I see a little ball of bandit fur on the shoulder of the road.
‘Let me guess, you found a baby raccoon.’
‘How did you know?’
I gaze towards the little scalawag, and she get’s my drift.
‘Can you help me?’
I pull to the curb, and turn on my amber strobe lights. I go over to see the little fella. Apparently she was driving by, and saw him on the side of the road, on the sidewalk, and she stopped to see what it was. She said it bumped into her leg, and started making a racket. The kit is staying very still in the tall grass. I ask how long she was there, and if she saw the mother at all. She’s been here for about 15 minutes, and no mommy. I look around for signs of the mother and siblings. No fresh tracks in the mud, and no trampled/parted grass. It is obvious the critter is weak and tired looking, but otherwise not in too bad of shape. Nice fur, nice eyes. No drool or anything. I keep a very sharp eye out for the mother and her very sharp teeth. She uses my cell phone to call her mother, who works at a vet clinic. She recommends a local wildlife rehabilitation person who I already know about and really recommend. I figure it must have been a while since momma was around, because hunger was making this thing look for attention like crazy, albeit in a shy kind of way. She called a friend who brought some towels and a crate. I figure we should wait a little while longer just in case the mother shows up. A lot of people are slowing down with my car lit up, which keeps the baby calm, but one meathead on a chopper decides to rev it up a lot when he see’s the girls, and scares the thing a fair bit. At this point, I kind of cover it with one of the towels I doubled up so it will calm down and get used to the feel of it. Once it settles down, I wrapped the towel around it, picked it up, and put it in the crate. It was pretty cooperative, and only growled a little wee bit, but put up no fight. I didn’t really want to leave it there, as it was a LOT smaller than a lot of the kits I’ve been seeing even a few weeks back. I’m sure a car would have squashed it, or the coyotes would have got it. So, the girls are driving it to the Emergency Animal Clinic in town, where they have food for baby raccoons. I’m going to go visit it later this week to follow up and see how he/she is doing. The rehab lady is getting her tomorrow.
Man, those little buggars are SO CUTE when they are small! Little tiny ears, tiny little tail, and all nose!!! I know nature has it’s ways, but ya gotta have some compassion sometimes.

That’s wicked!

You know you have to do up the car for raccoon rescue now! Haha