Backwoods spots

Hawt, I’m from PC, so that should be easy. Thanks very much for the info.

Oh, and I got the sticker, she’s proudly on the back of my truck now. Thanks!


Not necessaryily looking for single track or trails like spider, I’m curoius about good dirt road journeys.

Ie: I want to bike on dirt roads TO a destination, like a really nice tent spot beside a great waterfall/swimming hole. Something that is 30 or 40k back in the woods on logging roads type of thing.

Drive the car out there, go on a day long adventure come home… etc. sort of like the views you can see in the blog posts here.

I figure if i was to go back behind wolfville and whatnot, I could find quite a bit…

Know what i mean?

5 Mile Lake in the Stillwater area has some beautiful spots. You’d need a map and compass or GPS to find your way through, but there are miles and miles of fireroad to explore in there. Panuke Lake is another pretty spot, easily accessed from Stillwater or Ellershouse. If you get a decent map of the entire area between St. Margarets Bay and Windsor you’ll see no end of wilderness snaked with fireroads and full of treats waiting to be found. Even with a gazillion clearcuts it’s a magical area.

Oh, and if you can get someone to take you on the Barney’s River ride, do it! Very fun. One of the Pictou County guys could set you up.