Bad drivers caught on tape

It’s no wonder more people don’t ride to work and school more. There is so little support for it. I saw a guy arguing with a cop on Quinpool the other day because he was giving him a ticket for riding on the sidewalk. I know it’s illegal, and I usually don’t do it, but I can see where the guy is coming from.
“Here. I know you were worried about your safety, so here is a ticket.”
And this was a beat cop! Sorry, but I think I’d be tempted to boot it.
For one thing, drivers don’t just need to be made “aware”. They need to be told that we have a right to the road BY LAW. They figure they own the roads, but let’s not forget that while some of us CHOOSE to ride on the road, there are some who CAN’T own or drive a car. Do they not have a right to travel just like the rest of us?
This is a backwards old city. They complain not enough people use public transit, that we are too attached to our cars. Well, let’s make it easier, safer and more encouraging to ride to work or school or wherever. Even to the bus stop.

It’s a great idea but I suspect it may be a bit awkward for sleek roadies. Every day commuters may get the most benefit from something like this.
Looks like it was aired first on CBC and the picked up by CNN.

As a lifelong bike commuter I am amazed I am still alive. I have had so many close calls. I should get one of those cameras. If every commuter had one, it would be interesting to see the results. You could probably put together a 1/2 hour reel in less than a week around here. Cycling on the road is a battlefield. This is why I hug trees…

Riding in Halifax scares me. I commuted by bike for many years when I lived on North Street and Coburg Road. Weekly I was run into curbs, cut off by cars and yelled at by drivers. Manhole covers pointing the wrong way often ate my tires, and the potholes are almost as bad as the cars. When I moved to Bedford there was the Windsor Street interchange to contend with and rush hour impatience at its worst.

I’ve written a plethora of letters to Council, city planners and the police department pointing out trouble spots, and suggesting areas that need stronger traffic enforcement or alternative routes and bike lanes. Did I ever get a response? Not once.

I agree, Tom, the woods are far safer. If I run into a spruce it’s my own fault. On the road you can ride at your safest and whether or not you get hurt just comes down to luck.