Be it resolved that shaved legs not only make you ride faste

Smooth legs might thwart the ticks a bit, Michelle, but super tight XC shorts with leg grippers help as well. LOL.

Argue for or against legs with lovely locks and you could win a prize from Louis Garneau!

For me to believe that, I’d have to see windtunnel tests. Sure they feel great in jeans just out of the dryer, but I bet guys only really shave their legs because French/Italian guys started it :slight_smile:

This is an interesting debate subject. I will be interested to see how the mtn. bikers respond to this one as this is more of a roadie thing. My head is about to explode thinking of things to say about guys shaving their hairy legs. It just seems “icky” to me to think of guys with shaved, “sexy” legs. If it makes you ride faster perhaps its because you feel a bit chilly after slicing off a layer of hair and skin. Speed or not, once you shave your legs, it becomes a life-long endeavour because you are aware … IT DOES GROW IN THICKER! So what would you prefer … “bare”, sexy legs that help your ride faster, or hairy legs like a “bear” and riding at your own pace.

I do it because my wife thinks it is sexy!!!

My wife thinks it’s super-creepy.

I also don’t think I would want to show up for hockey with shaved legs and “hair shorts” :wink:

Shaving legs is fine if you are a pro racer and you have access to a masseur but at the local level it is more of a “cool” ritual IMO. I didn’t find it made me any faster or a better cyclist in any way. The fastest people around here would still be the fastest if they didn’t shave their legs.

As for the sexy factor, ladies feel free to shave your legs. I’m not checking out guy’s legs, so males, you can do whatever floats your boat.

I crashed one summer and had to treat a sizeable road rash - not
a pleasant thing on hairy legs. So the next couple of seasons I
shaved them. Did it make me faster? I don’t think so - at least
not on a noticeable scale for the type of riding most of us do.
Sun screen went on (and came off) easier and you sometimes
collected bugs on them which maybe gave the illusion of speed.
That was the only real benefit I remember from those days. I
don’t shave any more only because I can’t be bothered with the
mainenance - I have a hard enough time shaving my face every day.
Like Henkmen said, though, if it floats your boat, do it!

I’d love to get full face electrolysis…

Does the resolution include hairy backs? And are you better shaving, waxing (ouch), electrolysis or using a cream such as Nair?

For sure, nothing says serious like good grooming.

If I was to sport my kilt and the wife was to “bare” witness to a shaved set of legs, I don’t know what this world would come to. Personally, I’d sooner eat worms.

One interesting thing to note is the older I get, the less hairy my legs get…is this a good thing?. Or is it just another depressing sign of ageing. As for hair on the rest of the body - yes, nothing says serious like good grooming!

If lance starting wearing pantyhose and said they made him faster… all you roadies would be rocking out like Tina Turner

Um, we sort of already do. Tights & Arm Warmers, plus the booties for TT/keeping warm in the winter. We basically dress like rock stars from the 80’s.

guess thats better then a 80’s Pornstar…

I’ve been debating it only for if I crash and wound clean up… but I hate shaving my face so I’d imagine i’d do it once and stop bothering

Dont care if it’s trendy, don’t care if it cool, don’t even care if you you think I’m a fool

I’m thinking it gives Troy his energy legs though.

but yes it’s allot more sexy on girls than guys but I have a prejudice

but yes it’s allot more sexy on girls than guys but I have a prejudice

your statement reads that you still find it somewhat sexy on guys… Chuckle chuckle

They might be great for roadies, but for MTB riding the hairier the better. The hair is added protection against scratches from bushes, tall grasses etc. Especially for those very tight and overgrown single track rides.

What are you? A wookie?

actually it seemed to work for ewoks… they lived on ladder bridges and never shaved their balls…er…legs