Be it resolved that skin-tight spandex has no place in a wor

Spandex shorts are perfect under baggy shorts for trail rides or commuting. Spandex will always have a place in the world for racer types and cyclists for whom it is a sign of belonging to the cycling fraternity. I’m not a big fan of chafing or saddle sores so my racin’ shorts will always be found under my baggy shorts.

I never really thought of the ol’ chamois as being Spandex. Very valid piece of kit to be had under a baggy short, for sure. Back in the day we’d ride with tighty whities and rock a pair of jeans over that. Works awesome with those cheap 1990’s saddles…

Funny debate! :slight_smile:
Well, I think both have their “raison d’être” it all depends of the type of ride!

For my commute (except winter where full leg coverage is important!), trail, family ride or volunteering kind of activity (first aid, race support), the baggy short are a must. Especially with tons of pockets to carry stuff!

But for the 100km + ride on the road, nothing replaces lycra.

Now, if only more companies would sell bib short for women, that would be nice.

No stupid waste elastic band anymore!!!

Now for the skort… I like them for running, never tried them on the bike! :slight_smile:

My hubby and I log a lot of km’s and you wouldn’t catch either of us dead in just the spandex. When we got really serious we did add an under layer with padding which I couldn’t do without now. If you’re racing and trying to shave seconds off your time, I agree, spandex is a necessary evil…but for the everyone else it just looks silly!

I almost always wear padding under loose shorts, whether road or trail riding. I would love to lose the spandex altogether but my butt just gets too sore. I find that the looser shorts feel cooler (temperature-wise). I would never go out in public with just spandex - I think I would feel naked! :slight_smile:

Spandex is all I know and has been great in my opinion so I vote for spandex. Somehow the baggy shorts just don’t look right to me.

so bob decides to go to the liquer store on his cervello. gets sidetracked and decides to loop the harbor. along the way he looks up and sees a feller in a full team nova scotia spandex kit, so he sits about 100 meters off this guys wheel and matches pace. the spandex clad feller ups the pace, bob matches and continues on. after an half hour spandex clad feller bonks, bob passes and dissapears into the horizen, while feller drops into easiest gear, and sucks wind. i’m neither for or angainst spandex, but beware someone in cut off fatigue shorts with a sleevless heavy metal shirt flapping in the wind because you never know. (lol)

Spandex only belongs on the nice lookin ladies. Guys gotta be rockin baggie shorts. I don’t understand how anyone can think baggie shorts are uncomfortable.

Well lets see. . . . .
Baggy shorts,
Blowing in the wind rubbing on your thighs, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap
I hate anything rubbing my thigh, I have alway had large thighs - power.
I like em free and clear of any flapping useless material, tap, tap, tap, tap
With big thighs come power and plenty of heat.
On the contray i find baggy shorts to be too warm.
As for tools - i beleived there are a varitly of appropiate size tool bags.
No need to be rolling on the ground at high speen with pockets full of steel pointy things.
Baggy shorts, loose materila to catch branch stubs and limbs, ya all know what happen when that happens.
Spandex . . .
Tight to the thigh, no tap tap tap of loose functionless material, no snag.
If there is a snag this material will rip thus preventing unwanted face plants.
Truth be told I prefer the womens shorter leg style over the mens.
But the women do not come with the formula FX padding.
Spandex can be washed easy, dry quickly as well is easy to stitch when needed.
Now must comment on those who wear spandex and the spandex is baggy . . . . not nice
Spandex have not zippers, buttons or velcro which as some point will all fail.
I Stand By My Formula FX Tight Shorts

< my club has a third option.
I’m not sayin’ it makes the locals any less uncomfortable…

It’s also available in Nova Scotia Tartan: … ef=pr_shop

A biking kilt!!! wonderful…I must have one! isn’t etsy great?

I got married in a kilt on a bike. I rode down a long set of stairs to the altar and was very concerned that it was going to get caught in the rear wheel.
I would certainly do it again though… ride in a kilt and marry my wife!!

There was no altar… hmmm… is there another wedding I’m unaware off?

Ok, the covered picnic area served as an un-holy, bicycle god altar.

As an off and on road rider, I have uses for both spandex and baggies

Spandex: Traveling 125km in one day needs spandex. It’s great for wicking away moisture and keeping cool when it’s +20 and you’re hot as anything. Spandex may show spare tires, but gives one a great incentive to go to the gym and getting into shape.

Baggies: Baggie shorts with spandex inserts are awesome! They’re great for those days commuting around the city or afternoons on the trail. Also great for riding the bike in the gym.

All in all, there is a use for both.
Rule of thumb, dress in what everyone else is dressed in. lol

Grow up and wear your spandex, I would have thought this argument
was settled in the last century based on science and common sense,
not the silliness and insecurities of a culture that has nothing to
do with being practical and comfortable.

Troy, I got married in a kilt and we rode our bikes as well. I’d totally rock a bike kilt if the price was right.

These kilts area bit of an investment – about the price of a nice, new saddle. They’re designed by mountain bikers and custom made by one of New Brunswick’s finest tailors, with quality materials. They’re short enough that they never get caught up in the back wheel, and you can wear spandex underneath… or not, if you like a cool breeze.

Another Sport is entering the spandex era as well. Was weeding the newspapers at work and in January the NBA announced that players can wear thin tight compression jerserys instead of the traditional jerseys.

Another Sport is entering the spandex era as well. Was weeding the newspapers at work and in January the NBA announced that players can wear thin tight compression jerserys instead of the traditional jerseys.