Bear Scare 80k Mtb Marathon: Monday, Aug 2nd (Natal Day)!

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The WBL presents ‘The Bear Scare 80’!!!
Come and get your big ring red hot at the 80k mtb marathon this Monday (Natal Day Holiday)

Who: Everyone welcome!!

What: an 80k mtb ride across NS and back on the Mersey roads. Mostly gravel logging roads with some modest double track and a bit of singletrack. Rolling terrain but fast. The hotshots will cover this route in 3 hours.

When: 10am shstart time

Where: Train Station Bike and Bean

More What: This is an informal, non-sanctioned, non insured, non- organized ride on public terrain. Riders are responsible for their own safety and well-being. Route will be marked but we suggest a GPS and cell phone. Riders should also carry enough food/fluid and repair kit/tube/pump to be self sufficient.

Even More What: the idea is to create a mtb version of the Wolfville Roubaix. We will have a neutralized start for the first 8km. Should be a blast! Spread the word, tell your friends… and 15 years from now you’ll be able to say “I’ve been to EVERY Bear Scare 80!”



Sign me up!

all we need is a pic. from borat and it’ll be total dejavu.

Dang it, gotta work.

any slow people out there to ride with me?

I have ridden the Mersey for years…Does anyone have a map of the route?


Hmmm sounds intrsting, I’ve ridden mersey for more years then I care to admit…

Sickening killer times, players. Glad everyone enjoyed.

Come over to the Team House for a BBQ around 6-7.

Here’s the course:

I guess embedding doesn’t work. Here’s a link: … 5ae1e&ms=0

SG’s got the blog report up:

Wolfville- Roubaix, Cabot Trail in a Day, Tour De Nowhere and Jambro are all legendary rides that hang proud in the halls of Nova Scotia cycling lore. Add a new member to this perverse club of suffering: The Bear Scare 80. The idea was simple- host a ‘everyone’s welcome but take no prisoners’ 80k mtb ride on a single loop that crosses hell’s half acre known as The Mersey woods. Many old skoolers have done this route and continue to do so but they guard their trail secrets like old trappers with bad cases of beaver fever. Several scouting sessions by the WBL cadre in May and June were required to finally flesh out a course that combined high speed logging road with some teeth gnashing ATV trails. No less than 2 bear encounters led to the rythmic handle of ‘Bear Scare.’

The event was posted, the course was marked and Camelbaks were locked and loaded for Aug 2nd. 21 adventurous souls- you know the types…marketers call them ‘early adopters’, psychologists call them ‘Type A’s’, their non-cycling friends jealously refer to them as ‘overachievers’- showed up on race day ready to stake their claim for gold, guts and glory. These types are not defined so much by speed- since some are uber fast and some hold a more modest tempo -but they all share the ‘suffer chromosome’ that makes them salivate at the thought of unnecessarily inflicting The Hurt on themselves. A notable absence was Mac-10 who was suffering from a UPI the previous week. Fortunately a gap on the National Calendar saw the heaviest of the mtb hitters- TYG- in town and ready to break some legs. The long lost prodigal son of NS cycling, Kevin Noiles (aka: The Noilinator) threw his ‘recently retired from the Pro life but still ridiculously fit’ ass in the ring too. Nick the Flying Scotsman of 1990’s vintage also showed up to add to the mythology of characters.

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