Bear Scare Ride, Sunday Nov 9, 1:00pm

Good ride guys…hope I didn’t slow you down too much at the end.

It’s was good, nice to have a bit of adventure in an unknown spot…we didn’t scare any bears but I’m shure we made some stories for some ATV drivers. “…and then we saw some guys riding BICYCLES back there today…”

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Did you make it out before dark?

Oh yea no problems (well one flat that had to be changed), back at the cars by 4:30ish. I’ve already got a new route lined up for next time, about 45km Bear Scare 2


@bent6543 … should we toss in an ascent of Dawson Rd and scoot across the 101 while we’re at it? :smile:

I’d be willing to go under the 101 but that only happens where the railroad passes under on it’s way by Uniacke Estate.

Depending on the weather we might have some sweet conditions for doing this ride, frozen but not bone chilling cold would make it ideal in there.

This happening again? Missed the first one…

Not yet just scheming, Waiting to see if we get a good weather window, it’s a bit exposed in there so a windy day would be awful. Ideally it will be frozen ground with minimal snow on a sunny day. we’ll see, I’ll start a new post for a new ride.

I’d imagine there’s a decent mount of snowmobile traffic in there if there’s snow, so there could be a decent packed trail after a bit of real winter.

I’m up to it if the weather cooperates somewhat. Throw in Dawson Road climb for fun, too. Let’s hope I can avoid a flat this time.

Dawson Rd is not my idea of fun. Just not enough roadie in my blood I guess :slight_smile:

Right now, I’ve got a little too much gravy in my blood to climb anything bigger than a mound of potatoes, but we’ll just give it the ol’ collage try anyway.