Beginner fork servicing questions

I have a fox 32 fork, and just this week it started making a sort of noise. After I compress it, on the rebound it sounds like air escaping or something. I assumed I just needed to get my fork serviced, but I actually don’t really know what the involves. I took it to the giant shop, as it’s closest to me, but the guy was not really certain what to do with it.

I don’t ride as much as some people here. I got the bike used, so I’m not sure what happened before that. I probably put about 100 hours on it. So, I figured a simple service would be right. But now I’m not sure. He said when he tried it, the noise was normal. Except, it only started this week.

Anyone have some advice on this?

Fox has an excellent support section on their website. First enter your alphanumeric code to get all the details on your fork and then find the service recommendations and troubleshooting guide.

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What damper do you have in it?

This is the page @Coaster2 is talking about:

I found the ID number csz2, and it points to the model 2015 Evolution Series 32 FLOAT 27.5 O/C CTD. Beyond that, according to their guide, it’s probably time to have it serviced.

My concern is the guy at giant said the noise I was hearing was normal, even though it only started last weekend. So I’m not really sure how to proceed. Can a local shop service it, or would it need to be sent back?

Cyclesmith does Services for 70$ + however much the seals if u choose to get new ones

Get it to a bike shop, they will be able to tell right away if its normal or not!. Mec, Giant and others they all do fork service.

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When in doubt, take it to @bent6543 at the bike pedaler!