Beginner trails in Wolfville area?

Oh , how could I forget? The Noggins Corner Farm Market has a nice trail system and most of the trails are very beginner-friendly. I think they have maps in the market, too.

I haven’t mountain biked in a few years, but I’d love to start up again. Are there any beginner trails in the Wolfville area anyone would recommend that do not require driving to get to (biking there is fine)? Any ideas would be much appreciated.

The Pumphouse loop runs through Kentville behind the soccer fields, through bird sanctuary and up through a little singletrack section by the pumphouse. That’s a really nice starter loop. The Links is also a great place for beginners, but unfortunately it requires a drive.

There is a trail across the top of the dyke starting by the bridge in port williams that is very beginner friendly.

Thanks for the ideas! :slight_smile: Slider, is the trail you mentioned the one in the woods on the left of the bridge before entering port williams? (If so, I did that one a few years ago, but I can’t remember if it’s well-marked and if it’s a loop that comes back to the same entrance.) Bikergrl, that ride also sounds great; where is the best place to enter the loop, is it well-marked, and how long is the loop?

I also remember doing a fun Canaan trail a few years ago, but I can’t remember where it comes out (I vaguely remember a field somewhere…) or if it’s well-marked. (I used to enter the trail across from the water tower in New Minas.)

If anyone is open to beginner rides in the Wolfville area and wouldn’t mind a couple of beginners tagging along, please let me know as I’d love to learn the trails and get back into the fun! :slight_smile:

Start the Pumphouse loop right behind the soccer fields - there’s a gravel multipurpose trail that’s very obvious. Follow that and eventually you’ll see a small pumphouse on your left up a little bank. The trail head is right next to for the singletrack. The turnoff to the bird sanctuary is on the right hand side of the multipurpose trail, hard to describe but I bet someone at Valley Stove and Cycle could tell you exactly where it is.

We do beginner rides in the Valley all the time. Keep your eye on the Rides! Forum, I always post up there and in the Events section as well.

Thanks, bikergrl! Cheers. :slight_smile: