Best road riding routes in the valley?

I’m going to be in the new minas area tomorrow and was wondering if any of you guys had any suggestions for a good road ride route. Probably going to do 40-60km.


Lots of options. …how much climbing do you want to do?

Flat? Head out to Kentville and go out Brooklyn street. It’s about 25km to roughly Berwick (rte 360). Turn right and then right again on the 221 which will take you back to Lakewood. Down Steadman back to Brooklyn and into Kentville

Feeling climby? Straight up Caanan Mtn Road to White Rock Road. Down to White Rock…Left up to Ridge Road, right on Gasperaux down to Gasperaux River road…Down GRR to Melanson…left takes you to Wolfville over the ridge. Right takes you up South Mountain. Turn around somewhere around here and head back. That will give you about 600-700m by the time you get back to New Minas.

Check out my Strava links (Alan Power) if you are so inclined.

Also…avoid the 1 and other main roads. Too much traffic . Same for 358 and 359

I’d make a point to go a bit out of the way and ride some of the beautiful, scenic roads through gaspereau valley since youd be so close by. Tons to do in the area as well if you are into wine and cider, the roads wind past several vineyards and wineries. You could take the ridge road from new minas out to gaspereau

Thanks for the tips. The number 1 and 358 are way too busy for me. We started at the church on canaan mtn Rd. Went out white Rock Rd to west Brooklyn and back. 57km. Lots of climbing!

Glad it worked out for you. Sadly, I ride those roads so often that I don’t always noticed how awesome the ride/view/roads/scenery is. Great day for a ride today!

Awesome sounds like you made your way through gaspereau, hope you liked it!

Yeah it was great! It was 30degrees when we finished. Awesome day for riding!