Beware people on bikes

No, I did some contract work for Annapolis County Recreation Department. The county actually purchased the signs from DOT and had to follow certain guidelines as to where they could be installed. It certainly was a learning experience so be aware they will probably take their time to help out. Regarding who to contact I copied the following from the BNS website under the tab ‘Education & Advocacy’:


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HRM Roads

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For problems concerning changes or new installations (such as replacing parallel sewer grates, installing ‘Share the Road’ signs, etc.), contact Roddy MacIntyre, Remember to specify the location as accurately as possible.

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For problems with maintenance (such as potholes, debris on bike lanes), contact the HRM Corporate Call Centre, phone 490-4000, or write, with your maintenance request so it can be assigned to the Operations department.

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Provincial Roads

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Requests for ‘Share the Road’ signs (signs WC-47/WC-47S) need to be directed to the local District Area Manager of Transportation & Public Works, and refer to TPW policy PO1024. The request has to come from a cycling club or organization (directive 1 of the policy). Documentation is required that the section is frequented by cyclists (directive 2 of the policy).

Note that the Provincial policy considers these road signs
*warning signs
*, suitable only in places where conditions change, but not as a general alert to motorists (as in HRM).

It seems motorists have been suffering from ridiculous cases of the stupids lately. It sucks to see riders getting needlessly killed by idiot drivers.

It is sad indeed. Cars hurt.

since June I have installed 120 ‘Share the Road’ in the county of Annapolis and I found one sign that was altered in a humuorous way but probably show the true feeling of most drivers of vehicles when they meet a bicycle.

that’s better than having black diamond bike lanes like the ones in hfx. (lol)

In spryfield someone markered ‘rage the road’ over ‘Share the
Road’. It was funny.

Terryaki, do you work for Dept of Highways? I wonder who I’d call to get those put on Beaver Bank road.