Bicycle Nova Scotia MTB Committee Meeting

Bicycle Nova Scotia MTB Committee Meeting

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

**Sport Nova Scotia, 4****th **Floor 5561 Spring Garden Road, Halifax

7:00pm call to order; please arrive by 6:50

With temperatures like we?ve seen this week, there are few people in the city with

their minds on mountain biking racing. Don?t be one of them! Your 2011 MTB

Committee is getting ready for lift-off on its first meeting of the year. Like any

volunteer-run organization, BNS is what its members make it. Come make your


The tentative agenda for the evening is as follows:

1. Election of Committee Members

We are currently looking to fill the positions of Chief Commissaire, DH

Representative, and Male/Female Athlete Representatives. Those interested

in the positions are encouraged to email me for more information, or to arrive

with your questions.

2. Commissaires

We need to examine the state of our provincial commissaires and determine

if another certification course is necessary, align a new Chief Commissaire

with their responsibilities, and discuss any improvements we might make to

the system.

3. Expenses

The topic of number plates seems to be a yearly discussion. We have been

using the surplus of 2008 plates for the last couple years to cut costs. We

should decide whether new plates are necessary for this season.

4. Sponsorship

If any members would like to put forward suggestions for funding, we can

discuss the details and I can bring those ideas forward to the next Board


5. Sanctioning and Organizer Issues

We can help current or potential organizers navigate the process, doing our

best to answer any questions they may have.

6. Category Revision

As always, we?re looking to improve upon our system of race categories.

There is some enthusiasm to revise the female ability-based structure, with

the addition of a Female-A and Female-B category. We welcome your

thoughts on this.

If any members or organizers would like to add any items to the agenda, please

contact me at before February 7th.

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you all.

Jon Burgess

BNS MTB Vice President