Bicycle themed beers

I also think good things could come in the form of a Bike Bock, a Tread Red or a Saddlesore Pore.

I thought this was pretty cool. Bike themed Beers!!
Perhaps we can get our friends at Propeller to brew up something special for us??

sweet find… They had some bicycle themed beers in VT at Kingdom I tried a few of them… but forget the names

My kind of product, combining the finest beverage in the world with the finest sport in the world!!

Hmmm… PedalTrout Stout. That has an awesome ring.

sounds tasty too… never really caught the Stout bug but I’ll give it another try

Suck back a Whopper Slopper. Or perhaps quench your thirst with a tall cold glass of Spider Lakewater? Maybe indulge in a stein of Wrung-out-Wrandees.