Big ring/bash guard - usable gears

I went to 2 rings on my Devinky, and I put a slightly wider BB in 'er. Middle ring can do fast half of cassette no problem now, and granny to 32 tooth is still a pretty good line. Bonus points for better tire to chain clearance.

Been finding I don’t use my big ring much. If I was to put a bash guard on, could I then tweek my front deraillure to make more usable gears ratios?

I’m finding more often than not, I want one more gear out of the back, while on my front small, or vice versa on my front mid. Its like the chain hits my deraillure just 2 mm too early either way…yada yada.

I found i could lower my front down a bit lower with my bash guard after i removed my big ring. not enough to make a huge difference though. maybe an extra gear before it started to rub.

kinda what i was thinking / hoping. 9 times out of 10, one more ring either direction is all i want/need.

I just shoud just spend ever cent I have and get XX. … NO. :slight_smile:

In the middle ring you should be able to use all the cogs on the casette, if not, your front derailleur isn’t adjusted properly.

I absolutely hate indexed front shifting because of this, with fiction, you could just tweak the front a bit and no problem, but with indexed, you have to futz around with cable tension forever to get the front derailleur in the right spot to not rub.

If i could use every gear from my middle, i’d go insane with glee.

Re friction: AMEN, my Long Haul trucker has barcon shifters and the front is friction, rear is index and I love it.

I’ll have to play with my deraillure.

I agree with Brian - sounds like something’s not adjusted right.

Really? Mine always had a slight bit of rub at the end gears. Maybe I can fine tune it a bit more, but i don’t have any issues with it either way. Maybe the cage is bent in a bit?

It took me quite a while playing with cable tension to get it just right. On my trail bike with granny -mid-bash the cable is actually slack when in the granny ring so the cable tension is perfect in the middle to get the full range of gears in the back.

Something else maybe to look at is chainline, make sure you have the corrrect bottom bracket for your cranks/bike, and make sure the front derailleur is the right one for that chainline measurement and rear hub spacing (some saint derailleurs are made for 150mm rear spacing)

Shedon brow’s info on chainline …

The bike has stock crank/bb. I upgraded it from LX to SRAM XO/X9. The front der is right up against the bottle mount hole, so if i ground that off it might give me more range of adjustment.

Meh, I’ll screw with it. Last night however at whopper i did ly my bike down and noticed it was in the high gear… so I must have been imagining something… :slight_smile: sigh I can’t be trusted…