Bike Racks - where to buy?

I need to get something to either go on the roof, or tailgate (but not tow bar sadly)

I quite fancy a sea sucker - are there any distributors in the Halifax area?

Or failing that, any advice on a shop (bike shop?) that has a decent range in stock?


I like Rackology on Kempt Road. Also, I have a rooftop rack for sale here:

Carrier only, not the bars. Selling because I switched to a hitch rack to make room for a kayak.

X2 on Rackology. James has always been very friendly and helpful any time I’ve been there.

I’ve always had slow and poor customer service at Rackology. Any of our bike shops like Cyclesmith, carry racks, and most can order accessories for boats or whatever else you need.

Great - thanks for the ideas guys. Sounds like a job for Saturday when it’s pouring down



FWIW you can get utility hitches installed fairly cheaply at U-Haul (mine was around $150 I think). Having a tray rack on the back of the car has been really handy.

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We carry Saris and Kuat products at Idealbikes, Chain Lake. I’m a little partial to Kuat. Well built and looks great. Lifetime Warranty like most the big guys.

Thanks @damsam - I brought my tow ball mounted rack from the UK, so I’ll find myself a cheap tow hitch as long as I don’t need to cut the car to make it fit (short term lease)