Bike Registries

There have been a few bike thefts showing up on social media lately.

I also recently saw a youtube video talking about a solution to bike theft, and part of the solution was registering your bike to an internet bike registry, specifically this one:

What are your thoughts on bike registries? Any in particular that are better than any others?

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Why not insure the bike? I mean we insure cars and motorcycles and other items of lesser value. There’s plans to insure pretty much whatever you want.

I’ve seen a few people now putting the Apple tag things inside the frames to track them

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I make sure mine is insured with my house insurance.

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The premium on my bike was crazy as a specified item. It’s insured with the house up to $2,000.

Can you dive into a bit more detail on this?

I saw some pictures going around where people would take the fork off and stick the Apple air tag in one of the holes inside the frame. I can’t remember were I saw it but if I see it will share it


I missed the announcement about Apple Air Tags. First I’ve heard of them.

We’ve been using similar devices since Christmas - Tile Mate trackers. They come in different types - chips with a loop that you can put on a keyring, flat credit-card-shaped ones that you can put in a wallet, and sticky ones that you can attach to objects. We haven’t stuck any to our bikes yet, but they work well for finding our keys.

Sounds like they work exactly like the air tags. You have to be within bluetooth range (about 100 m) to activate the device, and it will show on a map where the tile was last detected (although for some reason my phone thought one of our tiles was in the back yard, when it was in my pocket). However, if another tile user passes by the tile and detects it, it can be shown on a map, so it might be possible to track down a stolen item. Sounds like the air tags work the same way, but might be better since the Apple Find app will be running on most users phones, whereas there are fewer tile users.

The plus side to the apple trackers is that they ping whenever someone with an Apple device is near them….there are a lot of iPhones out there :slight_smile:


GP Lama did a video on it and then did another showing the best location on a bike for the most range.

Where to put on the bike

Installing an Apple AirTag on a Bike

Initial Video

Apple AirTags

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The airtags are a great idea!