Bike saddle

Does anyone know if any bike shops do fit tests for saddles. I’ve been cycling almost 2 weeks now, but my ass still gets real sore.

Yes, they can.

I can only speak of the Specialized fitting system at this point. There is a simple device that you sit on and your sit bone width is taken. Then you can choose from the various saddles that are on the market the proper width and design that suits your needs.


You will need to scroll down a bit to get the information. I know the valley is a bit of a drive, but(t) I’m sure that there is a shop in the city if you didn’t want to make the trip. If you make it down this way, I’d be happy to show you the local trails.

You’re sitting too much!

Seriously though, this is an age old problem, hell I’ve been biking for more than 2 decades and my butt still hurts, usually around the 100km mark now.

Lots of factors to consider, of course there is the saddle itself, and it’s an individual preference, but bike fit, saddle angle, height, fore/aft position and muscle condition all play factors in comfort level.
So does riding technique, try not to sit on your saddle like it’s an armchair, the saddle shouldn’t take all of your weight especially on a hardtail that is going to transmit all those bumps right to your butt and your back, I prefer to kind of float on the saddle by always having a bit of my weight on my legs taking the pressure off, it’s easy to do if you’re pedaling with any cadence, this also allows you to shift around positions and avoid pressure spots if you feel them before they develop into lasting pain.
Just don’t make the mistake that a giant wide cushy saddle is gong to be more comfortable or the classic “man saddle” pointing the nose down at a extreme angle because your junk hurts. I actually find pointing my saddle slightly up works better for me.

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I think all the shops have the sit bone thing. I know Cyclesmith has it. I’ve been trying to get a saddle that suits me and have not had much luck yet. I’ve got a Brooks leather saddle for some of my bikes and it is bloody amazing saddle, but it’s just too wide for single track. Can’t effectively move my weight back. The C17 and C15 Cambium saddles are great in single track but does not fit my bum well enough for long gravel rides like the leather one does. My point, is get a proper bike fit done and try saddles out before buying. Cyclesmith has a pro bike fitter.

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+1 on the Brooks saddle. I bought one new 20 years ago and after a bit of break in it’s been amazing but I agree too wide for singletrack, I use it for road and touring. For singletrack it’s always been Selle Italia Flite for me.

One thing you have to keep in mind is, like with any machine, you have to adapt to the bike just as you adapt the bike to yourself. I have found that as long as the saddle is not too soft then it will probably be comfortable enough once you have adapted to it – assuming the rest of the bike fit is OK.

If you are primarily riding single track (even modestly technical) then, of course, you will not be on the saddle for very long stretches at a time, certainly not long enough for your rear end to get sore. Therefore, I assume you are riding pretty non-technical terrain. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the so-called fitting of the sit bones is basically hooey in my opinion. I have various firm saddles of 143mm, 155mm, and unknown widths and they are all comfortable enough for reasonably long rides (4+ h).

If your saddle is soft give it to someone who is convinced they need a soft saddle so they don’t waste their money. But if it isn’t soft, don’t waste your money on buying a new saddle until you first make sure your saddle is level and not too high (prevent saddle sores) or too low (inefficient on non-technical terrain). Your position to the bars can also affect saddle comfort but I would say to a lesser extent than angle and height. So try to adjust the angle nose up a bit or even nose down a bit too.

If you give your saddle some good riding time, try some height/angle/fore-aft tweaks, and you still get sore, then try some different saddles. Some shops will lend you test saddles, I know Specialized has a test saddle program, not sure of others.

Also note there is a difference between soreness and pain. I tried a saddle once that gave me immediate pain in the man bits. I didn’t ride it for long. Soreness comes on over time. Just getting off the saddle for a standing climb (e.g.) every now and then is a good idea so your body isn’t constantly in the same position and that should alleviate soreness for several minutes anyway.

Great. Thanks for the info. It is pain every Time I go to ride. And the longer I’m on it the worse it gets.

Padded bike shorts too if you’re not already wearing them.